Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Self Evaluation of Demo Speech

I recently did a demonstration speech for my communications A class and after watching the video of my speech, feel that I could've done better. For my introduction, I didn't really explain the relevance of learning a card trick other than entertaining friends. I could have done more history into card tricks to do a better intro as well.

My steps I felt were pretty clear and went in a clear order but I should have gone over them slower in order for everyone to really understand what I was doing. I also should have explained them in a little bit more detail as well.

For my physical presentation, I felt I was pretty confident up there and I seemed like I had a lot of energy. People could also see me well when I was doing my speech because all the desks were moved out of the way as well. From the video I also feel that my voice was easy to understand but I could have maybe been a bit louder. My body language also seemed pretty good, I seemed pretty comfortable up there, though, I could have done more eye contact with everyone. My demonstration also could have been a bit slower in order for everyone to see the cards more clearly.

When it comes to my visual aid, or the deck of cards I did the trick with, I think I could have maybe showed them a little bit more clearly or maybe even given some people decks of cards so they could have followed me through the trick. But overall I think I used the cards effectively.

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