Thursday, May 13, 2010

Compare Two Online Articles

Labeled as one of the best college football players of all-time, Tim Tebow will have large expectations to live up too as an NFL quarterback. If you have watched ESPN or any other sports network lately, I’m sure you’ve heard something about whether this college god has what it takes to play in the NFL. The first article takes a look at Tebow’s performance in the Senior Bowl and draws conclusions from what they saw. The main criticism of this argument is that coming from Florida and their spread offense, Tebow doesn’t know how to take snaps NFL style (from under center). The article also states that is just the beginning of the play and should be second nature. If that’s all he’s worrying about is just getting the ball, what happens to all the other vital mechanics involved in being an NFL quarterback, such as footwork, reading the defense, leading a team, and football IQ. Evidence to back this theory up is Tebow’s two fumbles from taking snaps under center. However on the other hand, this article states that Tebow will be have a successful career. This article says that Tebow will be fine because he possess the three most crucial elements to an NFL quarterback, strength, accuracy, and speed. Evidence of this comes during the combine in which Tebow’s 40 time rivals some of the running backs. Now I do believe that Tebow excels in these three areas, I believe that in order to be successful you need more. A great NFL quarterback must possess command over basic mechanics and be smart with the ball…two things that Tebow lacks. Based on these two arguments I still believe that Tebow doesn’t have what it takes to make it in the NFL.